Q. Do you have to be a student to live there?
A. No, not at all. We are located next to Edmond's Northern Hills Elementary School, so we have a lot of families with kids. We also have a good mix of retirees, regular working adults, and more.

Q. Do you allow pets?
A. Yes we do with certain restrictions. For more info, please visit our Pet Policy page. Please note that we do not have fenced back yards.

Q. Are your duplexes furnished?
A. None of them are furnished. They have basic appliances including: refrigerator, dishwasher, and a stove/oven. There are hookups for washer & dryer in the garage, but those appliances are not provided. In addition, we provide a trash dumpster, lawncare, and bi-monthly general pest control. Internet, cable, electricity, and water/sewage are the responsibility of the tenant.

Q. Do you have an offline version of the application for us to complete and bring to your office?
A. Absolutely. You can find a PDF version of the application by clicking this link: Offline Application

Q. What is the minimum length of your leases?
A. Most of our leases are set to expire in the summer with an approximate 9- to 12-month minimum (expire May-July), and occasionally in December. We also consider shorter leases, with limited availability, but your monthly rent amount will be higher for the shorter lease. If you need a short lease or have other circumstances, please let us know.

Q. I have a previous eviction from several years ago on my record. Will I still qualify for renting?
A. It depends on the rest of your background/history check. It will not 100% disqualify you, but we will take other factors into consideration such as: monthly income, criminal background, rental history since the eviction, etc.

Q. What happens if something unforeseen comes up and we need to break our lease?
A. All the terms of breaking your lease are explained in the lease itself. Basically, there are a few things that will happen and that you are responsible for. It all depends on your exact situation, but it can include:

  1. forfeit your entire deposit,
  2. responsibility for the monthly rent until the end of your lease term or until the unit has been rented again, whichever is first
  3. responsibility for keeping the utilities in your name, or paying the bills if in our name, until the end of your lease term or until the unit has been rented, whichever is first.

In addition to the above terms, you will also be charged for house cleaning, carpet cleaning, and any damages above normal wear-and-tear to the unit. These fees will not be deducted from your deposit; they are in addition to the above mentioned fees. Failure to comply or pay these fees may result in filing a small claims case for the outstanding balance owed. Another option is to find someone who can takeover your lease. This person must still go through the application and approval process, but if approved, the lease will transfer into their name for the remainder of the term. Your deposit will not be refunded at the time because it will transfer to the new tenant.